Pine Pitch Consulting is committed to the emergence and development of the Next Economy by enabling business practices that are good for people and the environment.  The Next Economy is an economic framework designed to benefit all stakeholders – Workers, Communities, Customers, and the Environment.  The central concept of the next economy is to lead with mission and purpose.  It is with this lens that Pine Pitch consults in partnership with businesses to empower and enable them to act as a force for good in the world by aligning their values with actions to create a more regenerative and just world.

Next Economy Principles

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Organizations who are mission-locked exist to solve social and environmental challenges in society.  They center purpose in their decision making and consistently live their values.  Accountability to all stakeholders, transparency, and ethics are central to how they operate.

Worker Well-Being

Paying a living-wage, providing healthcare benefits that are robust and affordable, creating a safe workplace, valuing work-life balance, creating equitable development opportunities, and fostering a culture that appreciates feedback.

Community Impact

Understanding our interdependence is core to making positive community impact.  By creating equitable opportunities for diverse and underserved populations, take part in civic engagement and giving, and leverage a local supply chain - we create a virtuous cycle of common benefit that drives local economic impact.

Sustainable Operations

Next economy organizations understand that natural resources are finite and need to be protected through vigorous management systems that identify, manage, and protect air, water, land, and life.  Ideally, they go beyond sustainment and exercise ways to regenerate the natural world.

Customer Value Creation

Customers expect and deserve value from the products and services they purchase.  By choosing to do business with your organization, a promise is made to customers that you will act ethically, ensure quality, uphold warranties, and effectively manage data privacy and security.

Stakeholder Orientation

Stakeholder orientation describes how next economy organizations make decisions and behave in relationship to and in partnership with the people and places they impact.  Examples of stakeholders may include workers, communities, customers, and the environment.