Leadership for the Next Economy

"If you want a harvest in one year, grow a crop.

If you want a harvest in ten years, grow trees.

If you want a harvest that will last for a lifetime, grow people."  

-Chinese Proverb

Wendy massively accelerated our growth, impact, and strategic clarity. Her focus on improving our sales process led to a 300% increase in monthly revenue and helped move us from an extended pilot phase into full commercialization.

-Maddie P.

We engaged Pine Pitch Consulting to lead and facilitate our strategic planning process in 2020.  Wendy developed and implemented a very thorough methodology for our entire project and she was well versed in industry research, future market trends, and the value in engaging our employees.  We developed a new mission, vision, and core values for our organization, along with goals for the next three years and action plans to achieve them. Wendy was an excellent and thought provoking facilitator, which successfully enabled us to challenge our status quo and make honest assessments about where we needed to head as an organization, embrace new ideas, and develop a through and impactful strategic plan for our company.

-Audra A.

Wendy has a unique way of listening and observing to help you uncover the areas you can focus on in order to reach your full potential. Her direct feedback and role as an accountability partner through my development work set me up for success. Wendy is one of the few people who I’ve met that can tell you things you may not want to hear in a way that prompts you to reflect and act. After working with Wendy, I experienced acceleration in my career and clarity on my path forward. The lessons continue to benefit me nearly 8 years later.

-Michele M.

Wendy has had an enormous impact on my life - personally and professionally.  The scale of her impact has been enormous.  She changes lives through deep connections, commitment, loyalty, and heart for which I am eternally grateful.  Without a doubt, Wendy has changed the way I see the world and myself in it.

-Jen L.

Wendy is one of the most engaging executive leaders that I have ever partnered with in my career - I frequently benefited from her visionary and strategic thinking. Her unique perspective and ability to have you step back and reflect provided constant career development opportunities. Wendy is a lifelong learner whose curiosity and passion allow her to thrive in a myriad of roles, whether it be driving revenue and results or providing exceptional coaching and leadership to all levels of team members. Wendy is also an amazing public speaker with the ability to captivate a room not only with her message, but her engaging personality and humor.

-Pam G.

Wendy is one of the best leaders I have had the privilege to work with.  She excels at strategic thinking and at building high-performing teams.  Her clear communication style and her ability to connect with people on a personal and professional level, allows her to develop strong relationships and foster collaboration to achieve results.  Wendy is highly analytical; she knows how to ask the right questions and how to leverage data to generate insights and inform decisions.  I feel very lucky to have worked with and learned from Wendy.

-Joseph H.

From the very first time I met Wendy, I was taken away by the energy she brought into the room as a leader, it was powerful and meaningful.  She showed me what it means to support your team in order to achieve the results you desire and I learned that coaching is important for personal and professional development. Wendy is willing to discover the potential in others and give people chances to prove what they are capable of doing.  She is an inspiring and empowering leader.

-Alina S.

Over many years, Wendy has continuously proven herself as a valuable coach.  She builds relationships through an individualized approach with a strategic eye on the future.  There have been countless moments where Wendy's guidance brought me clarity on complex situations and ensured I was able to obtain the best possible outcomes.  She continues to be a welcome voice of feedback in my professional development and growth.

-Mike P.

Wendy is a leader that has empowered me to be my real self and who has shown me how to lead with my strengths in order to find my path.  Wendy has the ability to identify what makes each person unique in order to put together a collaborative team of people doing what they love.  Wendy has helped me to tell my story and to think about change in a way that will inspire others to be kind and to always deliver on their promise.  Wendy is a human leader who understands the value and passions behind individual employee needs. She leads by example just by being herself and demonstrating how to listen and most of all how to have fun.

-Joyce K.