After more than 20 years in the corporate world, I set out in 2018 to start Pine Pitch Consulting.  While I had worked in organizations who considered people and the environment within their decision-making process, I understood that the primary driver was always shareholder value.  My passion to work with values-driven organizations who understand that you can hold two things at once – profit and purpose led me to start my own consulting practice.

Over time I discovered that there are many organizations already leading with a stakeholder point of view, but that there were many more who had the desire to transform but were uncertain how to do it.  That is where Pine Pitch comes in – we want to be the catalyst for businesses creating the Next Economy.

Since 2018 I have dedicated myself to learning and engaging in what is possible.  In 2019 I completed coursework on the Secrets to B Corp Consulting led by Ryan Honeyman of Lift Economy and Matt Mayer of Conscious Brands.  In 2020 I continued my education by completing the Next Economy MBA program for social entrepreneurs, coursework that focused on key business fundamentals from a regenerative perspective. 

My years of diverse business experience, history of values-based leadership, and education focused on the Next Economy position me uniquely to help organizations transform their business into social and environmental pioneers.



I live and work in Maine, my lifetime home due to its vast natural resources where the sea, forest, and mountains meet.  I have an affinity for Maine's entrepreneurial spirit, ethic of hardworking people, and sense of community.

My 20+ years of business experience has cultivated a diverse skill set where I have personally grown and gained expertise in:

  • Executive Management & People Leadership

  • Organizational Development & Change Management

  • Leadership Development, Coaching, & Mentoring

  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation

  • Omni-Channel Sales & Service Strategy

  • Employee Engagement & Customer Experience

  • Financial Analysis & Data Insights

My passion is to help people and businesses meet their fullest potential.  I am at my best when I am engaged in applied coaching, that is helping leaders engage teams, drive change, and solve big problems while being guided through a process focused on self-awareness and goal clarity.  I believe that personal development is a continuous and virtuous cycle that leads to fulfillment.



Sap | Pitch | Resin

If you have ever spent time in the forests of the Northeast, you have probably experienced the sticky substance that oozes from pine trees – also referred to as sap (liquid), pitch (crystallizing), or resin (solid).  Growing up in rural Maine, I spent much of my childhood in the Maine woods.  My father, a consummate outdoorsman, taught me how to identify and enjoy pine pitch as chewing gum!  Indigenous people routinely chewed and consumed pine resin for its antibacterial properties and health benefits.

Pine pitch is the lifeblood of coniferous trees.  It transports nourishing ingredients like water, minerals, and nutrients where they are needed most and acts as protection against infection and invaders.